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15 Top Web Development Companies in Dubai 2022

Jun 07, 2022

Are you looking to create a website for your business in 2022? Maybe you want to revamp your existing website, to drive more business to it? Picking the right web design and development companies for your website is vital to getting the perfect website.

We have tried and tested web development companies in Dubai and picked the 15 best for you to consider. You can go with anyone and you won’t be disappointed. But of course there are some that stood out amongst the rest. So, let’s start with our pick for the top web development companies in Dubai.

Our top pick: Cactimedia


  • Experienced, quality web design firm
  • Provides real value for money design and development services
  • Exceptional customer service


  • None really, they do everything right

Cactimedia is your one-stop shop for all web design and development needs. It’s no wonder it ranks as the leading web design company in Dubai. They have a team of qualified and experienced web designers and developers that can help any business build an online presence.

The experience with Cactimedia is like no other from the start. Their consultants ask all the right questions to understand your business and what you want in a website. For those that have no idea of what they want, they provide suggestions to make the most of your online business. After that, their designers and developers take over incorporating best practices to ensure your website is SEO-friendly, attractive, and professional. You will be in awe of the result.

The consultant stays in touch with you throughout the design and development process. So, you are aware of what is going on with your website while also allowing you to provide input. Cactimedia, by far, has the best customer service and overall experience. So much so that you will keep going to them for all your web design Dubai needs.

Furthermore, their office is easily accessible for anyone, located in Barsha Heights and within walking distance from Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2. So, if you are looking for a website for your business, look no further than Cactimedia. Not only will they help you establish an online presence but position your business so it flourishes in the digital world.

2. Matrix Bricks


  • Big team with offices in numerous locations
  • Good web design and development services


  • Customer service needs a bit of improvement

Matrix Bricks understands how vital a website is for a business. They don’t just make a website for you but also provide digital marketing services to help you climb search engine ranks. The company has over a decade of experience and provides web design, SEO, internet marketing, and content management services.

The team is quite experienced and can help any business build a brand online. They will take you through the whole process and build a brand that garners traffic and clients. Their consultants are helpful but aren’t as proactive as those at Cactimedia.

Overall, Matrix Bricks will establish a strong presence for your business online. One that will get you the results you seek to thrive in the digital space.

3. Fajr Web Solutions


  • Value for the money design services
  • Experienced web designers


  • Limited designs, only for those that want a nice, clean web design

Fajr Web Solutions prides itself on being a cost-effective web design agency in Dubai. It certainly doesn’t disappoint, because we found it at par with our top choice, Cactimedia, in terms of pricing. Their web design services, however, are more suited for businesses looking for a basic web design. Their designers are very experienced and create quality, custom designs. But, if you want something a bit flashy then this is likely not the best option for you.

Luckily, most businesses prefer clean, professional designs which Fajr does a good job at creating. They also integrate the website into a content management system in Dubai of your choice. Which makes it easier for you to manage the website after it is complete.

Overall, Fajr ticks all the boxes when it comes to designing a professional and cost-effective website. Something most businesses are looking for today.

4. AH Designs


  • Over 15 years of experience in the Dubai market
  • Quality web designs from vetted web designers


  • Customer service needs a little improvement

AH Designs has been a web design company in Dubai for over 15 years. The experience has helped them understand the local and global digital market. Their web designers have enough experience to create a revenue-generating website for any business. They know the ins and outs of design and development to drive business to the sites they design.

They have a three-step design process that starts with understanding your business, defining a design strategy, and helping you achieve your goals. The process is effective but does lack a bit of communication along the way. Overall, they will help you get the results you seek and build a strong online presence.

5. Daddy Cool Technologies


  • Creative, engaging web designs
  • Cater specifically to tech startups and enterprises


  • Lack of proper SEO support after website design is complete

Daddy Cool Technologies is making waves in the enterprise and startup market. It has a creative team of web designers that appeal to tech startups and enterprises. Making the company more of a “niche” web design team. Their web designs are engaging and professional, appealing to most customer bases.

The team also understands SEO and incorporates best practices to ensure your site will drive business your way. But, they do lack the in-depth SEO help that most new businesses need after the site is designed. So, if you are looking for a one-stop solution, you may have to look elsewhere.

6. Exit99 Design Studio


  • Simple design with whatever development work you need
  • Perfect for businesses that want no-frills websites


  • Their services are pricey

Exit99 Design Studio is your go-to web development Dubai company, if you want a simple, yet effective website. The team provides no-frill, professional web designs that appeal to most businesses. They work with you until you are satisfied with the final product.

The only negative about Exit99 Design Studio is that its services are pricey. But, you will get the exact website you want, no matter the functionalities. They have one of the most experienced development teams in the market.

7. Web Castle Technologies


  • An experienced web development team
  • Carters to a wide range of businesses


  • Lacks a bit of creativity when it comes to designs

Web Castle Technologies is an Indian-based company that extended its roots to Dubai in 2015. Since then, it has made a name as a trusted web development Dubai company. They are perfect for anyone looking for ERP and artificial intelligence, websites that require a lot of development. But, these features do come at a price.

The team is more geared to development and lacks creativity in terms of design. They get basic designs right, but if you are looking for a bit of creativity then you may be disappointed. Overall, if you want quality web development then you should consider Web Castle.

8. Wisdom Information Technology


  • Customer-oriented services
  • Professional, quality website designs


  • Small business, caters to small and medium businesses mostly

In business since 2006, Wisdom Information Technology provides quality websites for small and medium businesses. They have a small team that connects with clients, developing the websites they need. They pride themselves on the service they provide to every client. They also offer other services such as SEO, which ensures your business gets results online.

9. Elab House


  • Creative, custom web design and development
  • Cater to a wide variety of businesses


  • Their services are expensive

Elab House provides businesses with custom web design and development services. They cater to a wide range of niches, so can help you no matter your business. They work according to the brief you provide and have experienced developers that can tend to all your needs. Their team does extensive research in your field before designing your website. Which typically results in great designs. With that said, their services are costly, prices that may not be suitable for many small businesses.

10. Microbits


  • Provide numerous digital services
  • Custom website design


  • Design turnaround can be a little slow

Microbits is another one-stop shop for all your digital needs. They have operations in Lebanon, Dubai, and a few other countries. They established a base in Dubai in 2004, so they know the market well. Their design and development services are on point, they create custom websites based on your business’ needs. But like many one-stop digital service providers, they tend to take a little longer to turnaround designs. However, their services are great.

11. Hello Pixels


  • Quality web design at a reasonable price
  • Provides multiple services including logo and other marketing material designs


  • Web designs are limited to basic websites, not very creative

Hello Pixels can help small and medium enterprises establish themselves online. Their team offers various design services from logo, websites, and brochures. Their web design services may not be the best but it gets the job done for most small businesses that just want an online presence.

They help small businesses with digital marketing also at reasonable pricing. So, if you have a low budget and want a quality website, Hello Pixels is the team for you.

12. Studio3


  • Strong branding background, helps businesses establish themselves online
  • A great option for information-based and e-commerce websites


  • Not suitable for those that require a lot of development work in the backend

Studio3 helps brands elevate themselves online. They specialize in branding while also providing development services. They aren’t as well-versed in development as other companies on the list but for information-based or e-commerce websites they are well-suited.

13. Stylemix


  • Simple, clean web designs
  • Almost two decades of experience in the Dubai market


  • Their designs are simple, clean so not the best option if you want something flashy

Stylemix has been around for almost two decades now. Their team of designers and developers is experienced. They provide design and maintenance services that are suitable for small and medium enterprises. Their websites are simple, easy to use, and will get you results.

14. Inter Smart


  • Experienced development team
  • Know the Dubai local market well


  • Pricey

Inter Smart offers a wide range of design and development services for all types of businesses. They have 12+ years of experience and have done many web and mobile development work. Their team is very experienced but is a bit pricey.

15. AEserver


  • Complete digital marketing services
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Customer services need a little improvement

AEserver has the expertise to help your business establish itself online. They provide web development and digital marketing services that will get you results. Their services are budget-friendly too. The only thing they lack a little is customer service, even though they do offer 24/7 support.

Final thoughts

You don’t want to rush into picking a web development company for your business website. The purchase is an investment in your business. So, make sure you do proper research and pick a team you trust. Our list of the 15 best web development companies in Dubai is where you should start your research. We have highlighted the positives and negatives of each company, to help you with your search. Making it easier for you to make a decision.