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6 Benefits WordPress Offers its Users

Aug 03, 2023

WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) globally. In 2022, out of the 1.9 billion websites, 810 million used WordPress. The platform accounts for 43% of all websites.

The platform started as an easy way for users to create a blog-based website. But its drastically evolved since then. Now, you can create almost any website you want, no matter how complicated. Even major corporations such as NBC, Sony, and the New York Post use the platform.

Let’s look at the benefits the CMS offers its users and the benefits that have helped it rise to the top.


1.   User-friendly platform

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to design and deploy a website. You need little to no technical or coding knowledge to use the platform. It takes care of all the coding for you, so even users that have never created a website can do it.

The platform is intuitive and easy to understand. Once users create a website, the platform allows them to manage it also. The visual editor lets users create content, edit it, and publish it with a few simple clicks. WordPress is so easy that you can create and publish a website in minutes, if you already know your theme and have your content ready.

The platform even offers free hosting through But, as a business, we recommend you have a domain name and a secure, reliable hosting provider.


2.   Pick from tons of themes

It doesn’t matter what type of website you need to design, WordPress has you covered. With over 9,000 themes, users can fine-tune their website to their liking.

The themes are directly available on the platform in its theme directory. There is a good mix of free and premium, paid, themes. Third-party marketplaces also sell WordPress themes, which you can integrate within the platform after purchasing. You can preview the themes before you go live, so you have a chance to try different options and pick the one you like best.


3.   Enhance your website with plugins

WordPress lets you create a basic, informative website. But, many businesses need more than that. Functionalities such as a shopping cart, user login, integrating software, etc. You would think that you would need to know coding to integrate these functionalities, but you don’t on WordPress. All thanks to the plugins.

Plugins are codes that enhance the functionality of a WordPress website. So, these already have the codes you need, all you need to do is install them to your website. Like themes you can find thousands of plugins for virtually every functionality you’d want on a website either on WordPress or through a third party. Similar to themes, some are free while the rest are paid.

Once you install a plugin, you can deactivate it at any time through the management system.


4.   Websites are SEO-friendly

Searchability is a concern for every website owner. Your website is only effective if it ranks well on Google. Well, WordPress websites give you a chance to rank high. By allowing users to go in and easily edit their website; you can change content, add blogs, and ensure you have relevant information on your website at all times. There are also a ton of plugins that optimize your website for search engines.

WordPress also offers responsive theme designs. So, your website is viewable and easy to navigate on mobile devices. With over 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, a responsive website is a must.


5.   The platform is free

WordPress, the platform, is free. You don’t have to pay to signup to use it. Users opting for a free theme can create a website without spending anything. Making it easy for anyone to have an online presence.


6.   Massive community

WordPress is an open-source platform, giving users endless possibilities of what they can do. Open-source platforms typically have a community that supports each other. Users on the platform share best practices and help each other out with tips and much more. They also make changes and update themes and plugins; they also make suggestions to improve WordPress. All of this ensures that the platform grows and its users benefit.


Final thoughts

As WordPress continues to evolve, with the help of users, the platform gains more popularity. It revolutionized how you manage websites, making the process easier. So much so that you need no technical knowledge to create and publish a website on it.

The fact that the management system is easy to use provides users with an ease to scale their website as their business grows. The thousands of plugins allow them to add the functionality they need. Just make sure the hosting provider you go with offers WordPress hosting. So, you don’t face any issues once the website is up and running.