Web Design for Educational Institutions

Let us design a website that looks great and communicates your message perfectly

Like every other institution, educational institutions too require websites that are both visually compelling, user-friendly and have a well-organized information architecture. Websites that are designed well and have these qualities would generally attract more new applications from students, parents, donors and investors etc.

Cactimedia specializes in doing just that - we have the experience and expertise that comes with designing and developing top notch websites for educational institutions such as the Masdar Institute in Dubai and all across the UAE.

Whether designing websites for primary schools or for colleges and universities, the principles of great web design in Dubai remain pretty much the same: the website should be able to provide relevant information to the visitor and the structure and placement of each element of the message should be well thought through from the perspective of the visitor.

When designing websites for educational institutions, another very important aspect that we take into consideration is the nature of the institution and any pre-existing branding. Obviously a website that we would design for an arts school will be very different for one developed for a business school. Cactimedia takes this and countless other things into consideration when taking on a client.

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