Online Portals

Online Portals

Online web portals are very different from websites in the fact that websites are a collection of pages on the internet that are available for all users, online portals contain information that are specific to a certain targeted user group. The online portal helps users to connect with each other and at the same time hosts the latest company policies as well as discussion boards exclusive to the business. The online web portals contain a navigation which can easily and efficiently be used to find relevant content. Web portals also require user login to have access to the information provided on the inner pages.

Before any online portal design in Dubai can be created, it is necessary to have a brainstorming session and the right amount of research so that the resulting portal is user-friendly and has a simple framework. At the beginning of any online portal design, it is important to understand that these sites are based on utility, therefore we must look at the target audience. An online portal’s site architecture and structure depends on various factors as what should be shown to the end user when they login to the portal. There are cases when the clients of a business can login through a portal on the business site and get direct access to the amount of work that has been completed for them.

Even though online web portals in Dubai are not public facing and they do not have a large user base in most cases, the online portal design should be aesthetic and have a user-friendly interface. The voice of the brand should be reflected in the design of the online portal and it should contain all the information necessary. Images and videos can also be incorporated into the design of an online portal so that the user can find the portal interactive. The development team at Cactimedia are superstars when it comes to bringing to life the online portal design in Dubai in the best manner possible. One important point to keep in mind is that once the online portal is live, there will always be a need to keep it updated and maintained on a regular basis for which you can always rely on us.

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