Textured Websites

Websites with Awesome Texture

Texture is all around us – so why should it be any different when it comes to web design in Dubai? Websites with great texture can add a whole new dimension to its look and feel. Despite the current trends in flat design, textured websites have evolved and have come a long way here in Dubai. Textured websites seem to their own personality and a feel of liveliness.

So what is “texture” anyway? Simply put, it’s the feel and pattern of a surface. Websites use a huge range of different types of textures to create different types of looks and feels. One major category of textured websites is the replication of “Natural” textures such as the texture of wood, paper, the sky, water and fire etc. Using this kind of texturing Cactimedia can convey strong impressions about your brand and your company’s personality.

Wood textured web design Dubai 1

Paper textured web design Dubai 2

Another type of texturing in websites that’s very popular nowadays is “Noise”. Contrary to its name Noise texturing is a great way to add depth to the entire website and also to certain elements within it. Cactimedia’s web design team uses noise to great effect in buttons and forms to add more visual interest.

So what is “Noise” anyway? It’s the subtle use of different shades and tones of a particular color in a way that adds more depth to particular elements – and usually the changes in shades and tones is so subtle that it’s hardly noticeable.

Noise textured web design Dubai 3

Noise textured web design Dubai 3

With Cactimedia, our purpose is not just to create a beautiful texture-driven website. We want to use texturing to amplify your website’s message with the right feel.

With a texture-driven website you can:

  • Highlight important sections within the website.
  • Convey your core message visually
  • Create consistency throughout the website
  • Enhance your brand’s personality

View Cactimedia’s work here.