Monochromatic Website Design

Monochromatic websites are gaining in popularity nowadays in Dubai and all across the UAE. Cactimedia specializes in designing websites using the latest and most effective web design principles – and that includes monochromatic websites as well.

What is a monochromatic website?

A monochromatic website is a website that uses only one color along with black or white. It then uses different “shades and tints” of that one color. Monochromatic websites can offer you a refreshing change from the usual multi-cultural websites. From a purely web design perspective – and especially here in Dubai – monochromatic websites are clean, crisp and unpredictable – which offcourse makes it unique.

Monochromatic websites are great for websites showcasing designer clothing, art work, designers, musicians, travellers, writers and journalists etc.

Here is why you should choose a monochromatic design for your website:

  • Monochromatic websites are usually clean and suave – they exude sophistication of design and simplicity.
  • With a monochromatic website, you never really have to worry about the colors on your website clashing with each other.
  • If your objective is to bring the content on your website out to the fore, then a monochromatic website can do just that.

Cactimedia can design and develop for your brand using monochromatic principles. You might also like Flat Design websites and websites with sticky navigation that are becoming very popular in the UAE.