Flat Design Websites

With Apple and Microsoft jumping onto the "flat design" bandwagon, it's only fair to say that flat design is “in” and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. Cactimedia can revamp your existing web design and give it the all new flat design look - or we can do it from scratch. With a flat design you get effective use of white space with an uncluttered user interface. Websites with flat designs are also faster and a lot easier on the eye.

Along with being easy to optimize for all screen sizes, flat design websites use bold typography and are clean, modern and very appealing to most businesses in Dubai.

Here is what you get with a well implemented flat design website:
  • Simple and user friendly user interface - minus any 3D representation
  • A faster website that’s less weighty and works wonderfully on all browsers
  • Mobile friendly. A flat design website can be easily optimized for all screen sizes. In fact it looks even better on smaller screen sizes.
  • A minimalistic feel without all the extra texturing and effects.
  • Bold typography allows you to shift the user’s attention to the content of the website.

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