Flash websites

Flash websites can be very compelling and allows for businesses and professionals to creatively express themselves and highlight their unique selling propositions. Websites designed in Flash are supported by most web browsers and therefore users that have the Flash plugin installed should be able to view the website without any problems. All in all flash can add an element of interactivity to websites with its ability create stunning graphics.

When it comes to designing websites with flash, it’s important to do it right and in the right places on a website – and that is precisely what Cactimedia can do for you.

  • Flash has very good cross-platform compatibility. It will work perfectly on almost all web browsers.
  • Make your website more compelling and “cutting-edge” using flash animations. This can help tremendously in amplifying your website’s value proposition.
  • As per Google’s recommendations, Flash can also be used in only certain places of the website instead of designing and building the whole website in flash. This way website’s can retain their accessibility to search engines while leveraging the power that Flash brings to the mix.
  • Create amazing graphical layouts that are otherwise impossible.

From a web design and development perspective, there is more to using flash than just cool-fade away effects; Flash can effectively be used to convey relevant and important information to your end users. View our full portfolio here or go back to our web design services in Dubai.