Advanced Scrolling Websites

Do you find horizontal scrolling boring? Why not go for some of the newer advanced scrolling options when designing your new website? Cactimedia can design websites with advanced scrolling options such as parallax scrolling, column-based scrolling and infinite scrolling. All of these new scrolling options are hot nowadays in Dubai and Cactimedia has the expertise to synchronize these design options effectively without minimizing the usability and messaging of the website.

Parallax scrolling done well
Cactimedia can use HTML 5 and CSS3 to create advanced and cutting edge effects that look absolutely remarkable and memorable when done correctly. What is Parallax scrolling? Simply put, it’s when the background scrolls slower than the foreground, thereby creating a 3D scrolling effect. Parallax scrolling can add a dash of depth that’s just enough to grab and keep the user’s attention. Its quickly gaining acceptance with web designers in Dubai too.

The never-ending scroll
Cactimedia understands the strengths and weaknesses of infinite scrolling and we can not only deploy this awesome feature but can also provide you with overall guidance in terms of how infinite scrolling can fit in with your overall web design, messaging and user experience.

So what is Infinite Scrolling?
The best examples of infinite scrolling are your Facebook news feed, Pinterest & Twitter. In short, the browser continues to load more content as the user scrolls down. Infinite scrolling works great on mobile and tablet screens and allows for an uninterrupted user experience (as the user doesn’t need to wait for the next page to load). Infinite scrolling works best with websites that have a lot of content to share (generally user generated content) and when deployed correctly, it can boost the level of user engagement on the website.

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