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Anatomy of a Winning Website Design

Nov 20, 2019

Striking headlines. Big, bold images and eye-catching schemes.

These are all the components that go into an award-winning website design. That is because these factors can make or break visitors’ first impressions of your website. But these are not the only things you need to take into consideration when creating a website, for example, a strong calls-to-action, helpful navigation, and SSL certificate for security.

All of the qualities of a winning website design mentioned above are equally important to each other and it’s essential that you don’t overlook any. 

The basics of coming up with an excellent website

Responsive Design

Studies show that 48% of internet users say that a non-responsive website frustrates them. That is why having a responsive website design that can automatically adjust to the viewer’s screen sizes is important. Especially since more and more individuals are using mobile devices to look for services and products.


To strengthen your brand identity and build trust your website must have a consistent look and feel. This means there must be consistency in the logo, font, and colors. Studies prove that 66% of the consumers are willing to pay more for a product if the brand has a positive brand image.

Bold, eye-catching images- not generic stock photos

The designer needs to be creative in selecting images for the website as these images will positively impact the businesses’ objectives and complement the layout and design. Websites that don’t make use of generic stock photos usually have 48% more conversion rates than those that do.

Another study says that 41% of small businesses acknowledge and understand the fact that their website’s design/aesthetics need to be improved. Images is a simple way you can improve your website aesthetics without a complete overhaul.

Clear, uncluttered Navigation

A website that is easy to navigate and functions well allows visitors more time to get to know the business.

Making the website navigation-friendly will most likely increase conversion rates by 18.5%.

A survey showed that 44% of the visitors to small business websites found navigation difficult. Most of whom left the website.

Prominent Phone number/contact details

It is essential to provide your customers with an easy and effective way to contact you for further inquiries. This is necessary to establish your business and your site as user-friendly, transparent and trustworthy.

It is a fact that 49 out of 100 small businesses fail to provide customers with a contact number on their website. That is the reason why 8% of people abandon their shopping carts.

Punchy, Persuasive Headlines

A punchy and persuasive headline will instantly grab the viewer’s attention and force them to stick around to find out more about your business.

Tests prove that headlines and text content on a website are critical and can result in a 10.4% increase in conversion rate.

Important info above the fold

In web designing, the term “above the fold” means the portion of the web page that is visible without scrolling.

The Serial Position Effect describes how a viewer usually pays more attention to things that appear at the beginning or the end. Since both are the most prominent sections of the website that viewers see, you need to make sure the information you display is attention-grabbing.

Content Promotion

Web marketers have to abide by a basic law: content drives action. Hence blogs, videos, and other downloadable content can work wonders when it comes to reaching your target audience

Strong calls-to-action

Calls-to-actions are texts or paragraphs that encourage viewers on your website to get with your program. Examples could be things like signing up for a newsletter, visiting your shop, or requesting a call-back.

Trust Indicators-EG. Awards, Testimonials, Guarantees

Trust indicators can help build up peace of mind for the customers that your business can be trusted and is safe to do business with.

Edited By: Haniyeh Rasti Lari