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Cactimedia was responsible for designing and developing the O3 website while making sure the site is not only responsive to all screen sizes but also has a top-notch user experience. The Design team came up with a design that is refreshing, relevant, new and extremely user friendly. Since the news section is one of the most important aspects of the website, we pushed it to the top of the homepage above the fold. However, each news story opens up an accompanying banner to the right. This design concept is a slight deviation to the standard sliders that run across the screen horizontally from right to left. Below the fold there is a productions section that categorizes Arabic, Historic and Syrian Dramas and further down there are three more sections that segregate their three business units: Distribution, Acquisition and Production.

Each of the inner pages have been designed to be visually rich with wide captivating banners on the top of most of them. There is a significant amount of white space used across the website to give it a clean and neat look and to also enhance the impact of the images used on each page. This is of particular importance considering the industry o3 is operating in.

Cactimedia also fully integrated the O3 website with Vzaar ( - a video hosting service for agencies and publishers that provides all the tools, features and security measures that are needed.

The O3 website has been built to cater to the local audience and therefore it was important for it to be in both English and Arabic. Check it out here: