When it comes to Digital Marketing, the first goal and what most companies try to do is better their SEO efforts to rank higher up on the search engine to get visibility for their brand. This requires working on the site in a long haul and can take months to achieve. There is a way to show up on the top of search engine results which is known as pay per click or PPC. The interesting fact about PPC is that it can help in organic search results as well and is known to improve ranking for the client website. PPC Dubai essentially means that the company will pay a certain fee each time the advertisement on Google is clicked on by a user or potential customer.

PPC Dubai works in the way that it is possible to select a daily or monthly budget and then let Google or Facebook show the ads to the public and you have to pay when the ad is being clicked on. When it comes to time-sensitive campaigns, it is a great idea to resort to PPC Dubai as Google will show the ads on the top of the search results so that the users can click on them. When a user clicks on the particular ad, a current CPC (cost per click) will be deducted from the daily budget set for that campaign on Google. The search engine will continue to display your ads on the top search page until the daily budget for the campaign has been exhausted.

The Google Display Network is where the ads of your website can be shown on third party websites across the internet. Along with this, there is a possibility of remarketing, which is the common strategy where we visit a particular website and then leave it only to see its ads being shown on every other site we land on. Google Display Network is mostly used for remarketing so that if a user would like to revisit your website, they need not look far. YouTube Ads and Social Media Ads all work in a similar way to Google, and possible clients are targeted in the right way by Cactimedia so that they will become a recurring customer.

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