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Why Blue is so Awesome when it comes to Web Design

Dec 24, 2014

A Short Blog Post dedicated to the Color BlueAs with everything else, the color blue is pretty awesome when it comes to web design too. We have a lot of our clients requesting the use of Blue in their web designs and therefore we decided to delve deeper into this and uncover what makes the color blue so awesome in the world of websites and blogs.

Blue communicates clarity, simplicity and efficiency and a lot of top brands understand that. Some examples are Samsung, Fox, CBS, EA, Dell, Intel, Sears, HP, AOL and Facebook to name a few.

Blue is one of the most primary colors (the others being red and green) and it can be used with a slew of other colors to create awesome color combinations. Some examples of great color combinations with Blue are ‘Light blue + Orange/Pink’, ‘Blue + Green’, ‘Light blue + dark colors’, ‘Blue + yellow’ and ‘Blue with light brown and white’.

Blue has positive meanings in various cultures around the world. Generally blue is considered to be associated with ‘Safety’ worldwide. In Europe, Blue is considered to be a soothing color. In China, it stands for immortality and in the Middle East its means protection and safety. It’s important to keep these factors in mind when deciding on the web design and color combination of your website.

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Edited By: Haniyeh Rasti Lari