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Is Email Marketing Still Important in 2022?

Jan 15, 2022

Digital marketing led to the development of new channels which businesses can use to reach customers. Since more people than ever prefer to consume content online, marketing techniques have evolved to reach them. 

There are more avenues to reach desired customers today through digital marketing. Businesses invest heavily in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content, and so on. All in hopes to drive more online traffic to their business. 

Even with so many new channels available, the tried and tested, e-mail marketing is still very relevant in 2022. E-mail marketing can still help you reach the audiences you want and therefore, should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. 

E-mail marketing has a high return on investment

Marketing is all about performance. There are a ton of different metrics you have to look at to determine how a specific channel performs and whether it is worth your efforts and money. 

One major metric businesses look at is return on investment (ROI). After all, you cant keep burning money on a marketing channel that returns less money than you invest. That approach will drive your business into the ground. 

Research conducted by Litmus found that e-mail marketing has a 38:1 ratio of return on investment. That means, for every dollar spent on it, you get $38 in return, which is higher than most digital marketing channels. Of course, you need to have a proper e-mail marketing campaign set to yield such a return, but it is possible. 

E-mail engagement continues to go up and with it the relevance of e-mail marketing campaigns. It doesnt matter the service or product your business offers, e-mail marketing can get you the results you seek, especially when it comes to generating and nurturing new leads. 

It is easy to setup

An e-mail marketing campaign doesnt require much. You dont need a huge marketing team to get started, all you need is a compelling advertising copy. You may also consider having a nice design around the copy, some visuals, colours, and branding to liven it up. Once you have that, all you need is a list of potential clients to send it out to. It really is that simple. You let your copy do most of the work. 

Fast results

E-mails are sent instantaneously and get you in front of potential clients immediately. Well, at least in front of those that check their emails often. This gives you the chance to run time-sensitive offers. Youve probably noticed big retail brands sending you Flash saleoffers through email. It comes directly into your inbox and grabs your attention. Most people might miss it if it was only advertised on a social media page since people tend to check their emails more often than on social media. Therefore, you can get quick results with email marketing and get information to potential clients instantly. 

Sent targeted content

Sending bulk emails is a thing of the past. People want content that resonates and is personalized for them. E-mail marketing platforms let you segment your mailing list on factors such as age, engagement level, and geography. This lets you send out emails that are specific to individuals in a given segment. You can also personalize messages by including the recipient’s name, so it doesnt seem like a mass email that people tend to ignore. 

Directs traffic to your website

Good email copy can help you drive traffic to your website. You either want to give your potential client an offer they cant refuse or build enough intrigue in your product or service that they click through to the given link in the copy. E-mail marketing plays a vital role in nurturing clients and closing deals. Make sure the copy you create does that and includes a compelling call to action, so people know where to go to purchase or find out more about your offering. 

Easy to share

Emails are the easiest mode of communication to share. All you have to do is click forward and enter the email address. This makes it easy for potential clients to share it within their organization or with acquaintances they believe would be interested in your offering. It has the same impact as word of mouth, without the need for any effort from your end. 

Easy to track

You dont have to be a digital marketing wiz to track your email marketing efforts. Most platforms allow you to track your campaign to the smallest aspect, which lets you measure: opens, clicks, forwards, bounces, and conversion rates. These will help you determine what type of sales copy resonates with your audience, and what doesnt. Keeping track of your campaign is important so you can continue to enhance your efforts and yield better results. 


Email marketing is as relevant today as ever and will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. It is simple and yields amazing results, which is why businesses continue to rely on it to increase their customer base and generate sales. Along with being the leading web design company Dubai, Cactimedia provides superior Digital Marketing Services that encompass email marketing as well.