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How to Craft a Winning Landing Page

Apr 14, 2019

Web Design and Landing page secrets from the Experts Landing pages are essential when it comes to creating effective Adwords campaigns. A winning landing page can have high conversion rates and low Cost per Click (CPC). Many of our customers struggle to create landing pages that are in sync with their Adwords campaigns and therefore we decided to write this blog post and share our experience and insights around what makes a great landing page.

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The Headline

The headline must encapsulate your unique value proposition and should state your offer in a clear-cut manner. Another reason why your headline must encapsulate your offer perfectly is that it has a direct impact on your Google quality score. One issue that most of our web design and online marketing customers face is their headlines tend to become too long. And the best way to deal with this is to put it into a subheading.

Hero Shot

The hero shot is basically a clear picture of your product or logo above the fold of the page. The more descriptive the image in your hero shot is the better your landing page will perform. If you need to get professional help in getting the hero shot just right, then do it – it’s well worth the time, effort and money.

Talk about the benefits

In the body of your landing page, make sure you are not talking about the features of your product or service, but rather you should be talking about the end benefit the customer will get out of using your product/service.

The input form

The input form is one of the most important elements of an effective landing page. You need to ensure:

  • The form only consists of the most necessary fields.
  • The form is visually segregated from the rest of the page with contrasting colors and typography.
  • The effort required to fill up the form must be outweighed by the perceived value the prospect will get out of it.


Trust Signals

The basic idea behind having trust signals on your landing page is to show that other customers have found your product/service to be valuable. You can do this by using social widgets, testimonials, client logos, press appearances or tweets from customers.


Here is the secret: have only one CTA. Everything on your landing page (from the web design to the copy) should work towards getting the user to perform the desired action.

Edited By: Ganesh Nair