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Copywriting hacks for the busy Entrepreneur

May 21, 2014

Getting that ad title just right Here are some super effective copywriting hacks for the busy business owners in Dubai and all across the UAE. Though these hacks are very effective and can do wonders in terms of increasing sales and conversions, we do recommend hiring a professional copywriter.

Unusual claims: you can grab attention by jolting the prospect out of his existing thought process by making an unusual claim such as this one ‘you can influence anyone with a secret handshake’. I stumbled upon it online and just had to click to find out more.

Ask them a question you know they can’t answer: this does two things: (A) it jolts them out of their existing thought process and (B) it breaks their overconfidence in their own knowledge. Research has shown that many education-based marketing materials don’t work because the prospects are just too confident in their knowledge and therefore, they never give the marketing message a chance. But by asking them a question they cannot answer, you can break that overconfidence and activate their ‘curiosity’. They begin to feel that there is a gap in their knowledge which they just have to fill ‘? or an itch they just have to scratch. This opens the floodgates for you (the marketer) to begin the process of generating oh, huh and aha moments.

Say something that’s impossible to believe: the mechanics of this technique works in pretty much the same way as the last one. It’s just a different way to grab attention.

Use the word ‘wanted’ in your headline: this is another way to provoke the prospect’s curiosity and take them into a buying trace. After all, we have all been conditioned to know what’s ‘wanted’. Simple, but profound. Try it!

Use the word ‘Warning’ in your headline: this is another simple yet profound technique to grab attention and provoke the prospect’s curiosity.

The idea is to:

  • Grab the prospect’s attention and break his existing stream of thought by saying something surprising, unexpected, impossible, unanswerable or making an unrealistic claim.
  • Keep his attention by generating interest. The best way to do that is to engineer mystery into your copy. One way of doing that is through storytelling and by creating ‘openings and closings’ in the prospect’s knowledge. We will cover more of this in another post.
  • The biggest hurdle is always the prospect’s over-confidence in his knowledge. This can be overcome by asking him a question he cannot answer. That breaks his confidence and opens a gap in his knowledge.
  • Push at least one of the five major human hot-buttons: superiority, approval, appreciation, success, and ease.

Stay tuned to this blog for more copywriting nuggets from our experts.

Edited By: Haniyeh Rasti Lari