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Basic Guidelines to designing great websites

Jan 14, 2019

Web Design Tips

First things first, does your website load fast enough? A slow loading website won’t only deter human visitors but it will kill your SEO as well. The trick is in keeping your files small so that it can get loaded up quickly. Hire a professional web design company in Dubai to help you fix that.

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Next, you want to be looking at content and making sure your content is not too outdated. Google and humans both love fresh unique content and it definitely pays off to invest in developing content that is relevant and timely.


Is your website searchable? If your website is very big then chances are that search engines like Google will have a tough time crawling through it and finding all the pages. Not only that but your human visitors will get discouraged too if your site is not structured intuitively. One way to ensure your website is fully visible to Google is to stop using frames altogether. Google has a tough time indexing pages with frames on them.


Make sure you constantly monitor your website for broken links and pages. You won’t want your visitors clicking on links on your website that go to 404 errors. One way to keep track of this is through Google webmaster tools. GWT will notify you whenever a page has a 404s status code or any other technical problem that needs to be resolved.


Some of the top website designers and developers have a habit of asking their friends and family members for their impartial opinions. You never know a fresh perspective might be exactly what you need.


Be careful when using videos and high-resolution pictures. These can slow down your website considerably if not done correctly. Always remember, there is help available in the form of web design Dubai companies.

Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre