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A Nine Step Keyword Research for Small Business Owners & Busy SEOs

Oct 24, 2014

Fast, Easy and Effective SEO Keyword Research Process We get a lot of questions about how small business owners can do some quick keyword research without burning the midnight oil. So, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick, easy and super effective nine-step keyword research process that works absolutely amazingly for almost all industries in Dubai and across the UAE.

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  • 1. Fire up your browser and turn on incognito mode (for Google Chrome) and the New Private Window mode (in Firefox). Make sure you are using the if you are looking for keywords relevant to the UAE.
  • 2. Enter your primary keyword in the search box (like web design or SEO services or Web development etc.) and then hit space. Google will give you a list of suggestions thanks to its auto-fill feature.
  • 3. Copy these keywords in a separate document.
  • 4. Try other variations of the same keyword (or keyword phrase) ‘? like “design website”, “web design Dubai”, “SEO Dubai” etc. Go through the same process and build your list of keywords.
  • 5. Next, fire up Google Keyword Planner, select “search for keywords and ad group ideas” and paste all these keywords into the “Enter your product or service box”. Tweak your targeting settings as per your requirements and hit “Get Ideas”.
  • 6. Then go to the “Keywords Ideas” tab and voila, this is a list of all the possible keywords you could be targeting with your On-page and off-page SEO. Also, notice you get the all the estimated search volume for all the keywords along with the level of competition.
  • 7. Download this into an excel file.
  • 8. Then use the sort function in Excel to sort by search volume.
  • 9. Finally, starting from the top, just remove the keywords that are not relevant to your business.

And there you have it, your keyword list ready to be used in an array of SEO related and PPC related endeavors. If you have multiple services, then it’s advisable to go through this whole process for each individual service. Also, remember to always try keyword combinations with the name of the city and country you are targeting. If you are in the UAE then try adding “Dubai” to your keywords along with other keywords such as “online”, “best”, “top”, “certified” etc.

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Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre