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A much needed SEO roundup

May 12, 2014

What all SEOs in Dubai need to know in order to thrive in 2014 Since SEO – aka search engine optimization – is such a rapidly changing area of internet marketing, it is hard for all the SEOs in Dubai and across the UAE to stay updated on all the action. So Cactimedia has taken the pain out of staying updated with this neat little blog post. So let’s jump right into it.

CTRs do affect SEO rankings

1. SEOs have had the suspicion for a very long time that search queries and click-through rates have a strong correlation when it comes to where a site shows up in the SERPs. That might just be true as pointed out by Randy at MOZ. More details here

Guest Blogging is dead ‘? maybe not

2. Matt Cutts (the Head of Google’s Webspam team) has come down hard on SEOs trying to build links via guest blogging. Read it here Though we personally think that guest blogging is still a great way to boost your website if it’s done in moderation and in a totally legitimate manner that adds value for the readers.

Backlinks aren’t going away this easy

3. Matt has also indicated that backlinks will lose its importance over time. The reason is that Google is aggressively looking for ways to ensure web pages that show up in search results meet the expectations of searchers. Expect to see features such as Google authorship (which ties in closely with Google+) to become more and more important over time. However, SEO shouldn’t fret it just yet as Matt believes that backlinks still have a good few years left.

Google Authorship

4. Sticking to the subject of Authorship, there is strong evidence suggesting that Google is more concerned about ‘who’ wrote the content than it is about ‘where’ the content originates from. This means that Google will be aggressively moving towards establishing ‘trust’ based on who created the content rather than the trust signals of the domain and the region it is optimized for. If you have been ignoring Google+ and the rel=author tag then now is the right time to start focusing on the ‘who’.

Receive Trend alerts

5. And last but not least, for all you Google Trends fans, Google has rolled out a subscribe feature on Google Trends that allows users to subscribe and receive emails about their favorite keywords and how those keywords are trending. Great value for SEO, I am sure. Check it out.

When it comes to SEO, 2014 has been a year of changes and adaptation. And it looks like the SEO landscape is only going to get trickier. So, stay tuned to Cactimedia’s blog posts for more timely updates on this ever-so-volatile subject.

Happy Ranking!

Edited By: Haniyeh Rasti Lari