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The challenge with designing and developing the Midtown website was that (A) it needed to be nothing short of absolutely stunning from a design perspective and (B) it had to incorporate certain functionalities that were very unique and innovative in nature.

For instance the homepage (below the fold) features a responsive map that shows all the places of interest that lie within certain distances from Midtown. The Cactimedia team worked closely with Deyaar in chalking out the design and the specifics of how the map would work and respond to mouse movements.

Further down the website, there are there is another interactive feature which highlights certain areas on a map based on movements of the mouse on a list of places to the left of the map.

The website also features plenty of high res photos, videos and interactive floor plans. The team at Cactimedia not only made all of this look amazing on the website but they also ensured the website and its pages loads fast and seamlessly.