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Cactimedia undertook a meticulous UX research process before designing and developing the website for Masdar.

UX Research and Development Process:

Our process began with an in-depth UX audit, which allowed us to understand the existing user interactions and identify areas for enhancement. We engaged closely with Masdar stakeholders through workshops to align the website objectives with their vision. Direct insights were gathered through user interviews, supplemented by a quantitative survey to capture a wide array of user data.

We crafted detailed personas that represented Masdar’s diverse users, guiding the design process to meet their specific needs. A thorough UX research report was compiled, distilling the data into actionable insights. This was followed by detailed data analysis to ensure our strategy was data-driven and focused on real user behavior.

Usability testing played a crucial role in refining the user interface, ensuring that the website was not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Integration of UX Research into Site Development:

The Masdar website was expertly crafted on Sitecore, a powerful and versatile content management system. The choice of Sitecore was instrumental in addressing the complex needs of Masdar’s global audience and the nature of their clean energy projects.

Our design approach for the Masdar website was centered around the themes of clean energy and sustainability. The website features a clean, modern aesthetic that reflects the innovative nature of Masdar’s work.

The Masdar website stands as a benchmark in the clean energy sector, embodying the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Explore the Masdar website here.