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From a design perspective, the look and feel of the website was very important. Like the pub itself the website needed to also exude the same vibrancy and friendliness that’s associated with its brand. We were able to achieve that with a very unique gigantic slider on the homepage that connects the visitor with the feel of the place instantly. The extra-long home page adds more buzz to the feel of the site as it’s allows them to add and update events and other important info in a way that’s captivating and useful for visitors who are looking for some quick information.

We decided to keep the top menu really minimalistic with just five categories visibly placed at the top of each page. Other elements such as the color schemes and overall flow of the website were also closely tied with The Irish Village brand.

Keeping in mind the fact that many of the website’s visitors visit it while they are on the go, we made the whole website to be fully responsive to all smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Not only is the site and its extras available on your PC, but on all your mobile devices as well.

The Irish Village
The Irish Village
The Irish Village