Web Hosting

Web Hosting

There are more and more businesses that decide to become digital and go online, which means that the competition is always on the rise. The best way to maintain good traffic to your website and increase revenue is by having a fast and secure site to begin with. There are mainly three parts that decide whether a website will stand the test of time. These include having a good web design, implementing the right search engine optimization practices and a solid web hosting. Just purchasing a domain name will not get you anywhere, as it is essential to have a hosting account so that you can start bringing traffic to your website. When you start to build an online portal, the hosting service puts all the important files on a server. The host allows you to store the data on the web and lets the public access it when needed.

When a person enters your domain name, the browser connects to that particular server on which your website is hosted. The server then shows the files requested for to be displayed on the browser. There are many free hosting services available on the web, but for the most cases these services will have a large number of advertisements. It is always recommended to get a premium paid web hosting in Dubai and we, at Cactimedia, offer exactly that. The reason that a paid hosting service is better is because it will be able to handle high volumes of traffic and have a flexibility to store all your files in a safe and secure manner.

Along with being flexible and handling high volume, a web hosting service in Dubai must be able to fight online cyber attacks and threats of hacking. Once your web hosting is reliable, it will keep your data and the client’s data away from cyber threats. In some cases, if there is a limit that is put on the storage, the website might shut down when there is a high traffic which can be stopped by using the right hosting. In addition to all the above benefits of having a good hosting provider, customer support is also available on premium web hosting in Dubai. Another major factor that affects the SEO and ranking of a website is the page speed and loading. If you have a good server and the right hosting, the page speed of the landing pages on your website will have a reduced load time.

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