Web Design - Web Development - User Experience

The STAHY website has been developed to provide an optimal viewing experience to the users. The typography, imagery, layout and choice of colors were chosen after taking into consideration the industry STAHY is operating in as well as the overall target look and feel. Visual contrast plays a huge role in the aesthetic effectiveness of the website as well.
For STAHY, Cactimedia used the advanced etouches event management platform – a powerful event registration, ecommerce and reporting engine. It's the most comprehensive tool to date when it comes to managing design registration workflows. We combined that with web design and user interface design best practices to ensure the site is absolutely easy to use and all the important information if exactly where it needs to be. The top menu has four drop-down menus that's meant to eliminate all the clutter and give easy and quick access to the most important sections of the website.
The footer is an ideal example of the effectiveness of color contrast and right typography - it's clear, easy-to-read, intuitively sorted and plus it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the website too.

Click here to go to the new STAHY website and see it in action.