Secrets Fine Food

Web Design - Web Development - User Experience – E-Commerce

Secrets Fine Food came to us for our expertise in web design, web development and usability. This online store has positioned itself as a source of unique, niche and hard-to-get eatable products. The website claims that “These products are unique. They are the work of artisans and craftspeople; masters in their own field. They are limited in quantity, and are all to be found in the best terroirs.”
From a design and usability standpoint, the Secrets Fine Food website needed to be clean, minimalist and off course easy to navigate. The added challenge was that Secrets Fine Food is not a regular store – it’s a very specific kind of store and offers very specific niche products. We were able to communicate that with a dedicated homepage with sliders, banners and text that does just that.

The main menu is where the site branches out beautifully into the various categories and sub categories of offerings – Grocery, Butcher Shop, Fish Shop etc.
An online shopping experience taken to a new level, thanks to our magical fingertips, bringing to user the secrets of Secrets Fine Food.