Al Ghabrbia Photography

Web Design - Web Development - Responsive - User Experience - Multi Lingual

Designing and creating the "Shots from Al Gharbia" website was something truly unique. Shots from Al Gharbia is one of the biggest photography contests in Abu Dhabi and therefore their website had to be exceptional in terms of visual appeal without compromising on the user interface design and usability.
The homepage has a large carousel with stunning images and a very functional and appealing navigation menu. The carousal on the homepage has a dual role - to showcase the amazing photography and to clearly communicate what Shots from Al Gharbia is all about.
The website has been built to be responsive and therefore it adjusts according to all common screen sizes. It’s also available in both English and Arabic which makes it a breeze for Arabic speakers to engage with the website.
All in all, Shots from Al Gharbia scores big on the design and usability fronts.