Web Design - Web Development - User Experience – E-Commerce

Labisni is an ecommerce store and the challenge with Labisni – as with any other ecommerce store – is to craft a user experience that is user friendly and with minimal barriers to converting visitors into customers.
The Cactimedia team that consists of both User Interface experts and web designers and developers, looked at each and every aspect of the Labisni website and ensured it was intuitive and enabled the conversion process while also being in line with the website’s overall design theme.
The top menu makes it easy to navigate through the website and many categories and sub categories. Each menu item is given enough breathing space and combined with the color combo of black and white, it’s extremely easy on the eye.
The website’s overall theme is very image-driven and the web design and UX team at Cactimedia to ensure the images contribute towards the usability of the website along with contributing towards its visual appeal.
As with any ecommerce store, the product pages are hugely important – and the difference between a good product page and an average one could be the difference between a website that converts and one that does not. We’ve ensured that all the important elements of a product page – sizing options, price, colors, product images, quantity, descriptions, product details and most importantly the “add to cart” button – are all prominently displayed at the right positions.