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Al Numairy Jewelry started in September 1999 as the first rosary crafting workshop in the UAE designed to serve the needs of the founder, late Dr. Ali Al Numairy. Late Dr. Ali Al Numairy had roughly 5,000 handmade rosary beads which required regular maintenance, and being a collector meant he had tons of raw material that is ready to be crafted into a handmade unique rosary. The Al Numairy Jewelry website is the first dedicated online rosary store in the UAE and serving clients from across the globe.
Al Numairi
The Al Numairy Jewelry website is clean, minimalistic and extremely easy to use and navigate. The predominantly white theme gives the site a modern clean look and enhances the visual appeal of the banners and products. The typography throughout the website has been carefully chosen keeping the overall design and the product in mind. The menu is neatly organized in a minimalistic fashion and divided between Men and Women and sub categorized according to organic, semi organic and synthetic products.

On the category page, each product has a beautiful hover over effect which allows the user to add to card or add to wish list from within the category page itself. Check it out here:
The Al Numairy website is fully responsive and works swiftly and seamlessly on all screen sizes.