SEO Strategy

Cactimedia goes beyond just writing content and building links. We look at your website, the market, the competitiveness, and the opportunities and then devise a wholistic strategy that covers keyword research, content development, blogging, relevant link building, social media, on page optimization, guest blogging, link baiting and actionable reporting. This way your website gets to not only rank faster but it also reveals lucrative sub-niches that have not yet been discovered.

Since we don’t take a spam-like approach, your website is also secured against Google penalties.

What our SEO strategy covers:

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Current Onsite optimization status
  • Analysis of competition
  • Current offsite optimization status

We work towards determining how long it would take to rank in a meaningful way and how much would it would cost. We then deduce if the return would justify the time and money spent.

Onsite SEO
  • Optimization of all onsite content
  • Optimizing meta descriptions
  • Optimizing title tags of all the pages
  • Optimizing images with alt image tags
  • Optimizing links
  • Optimizing website load time
  • Ensuring the site is user friendly
  • Fixing/creating robots.txt files and sitemaps
  • Fixing broken links

Offsite SEO
  • Making link requests wherever possible
  • Submission to highly relevant business directories
  • Leveraging Social media and aligning it with SEO
  • Highly targeted and well researched blogging

Ongoing SEO
  • Continued link building
  • Monitoring links already built
  • Optimizing/adding content
  • Finding and fixing broken links along pages as well as addressing other SEO issues that may crop up from time to time.