SEO Maintenance

If you want your website to dominate the search engine results then you need on-going SEO maintenance. Considering the fact that Google constantly changes its search algorithm and issues like broken pages, bad backlinks, incorrect meta data etc. are pretty frequent; there is no doubt that an on-going SEO maintenance contract can go a long way in securing your rankings.

Cactimedia actively monitors, fixes and reports on any SEO-related issues before it can cause any damage to your rankings. Cactimedia also monitors the competition and your SERP positions to pinpoint opportunities and threats.

SEO maintenance keeps your SEO efforts updated, relevant and in compliance with the search engines ever-changing search algorithms.

  • Monitoring of your website and ensuring all error and broken pages are fixed.
  • Handling page redirects in a SEO friendly manner.
  • Ongoing competitive analysis to keep your website competitive and relevant.
  • Ensuring your website’s content stays in-line with the chosen keyword strategy.
  • Ensuring your website is protected from duplicate content issues.