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The Ultimate List of Web Design Tools

Sep 04, 2013

Create awesome design – here are all the tools a smart web designer would need to do just that. Further to our blog post, Cactimedia’s very own web design checklist, we asked our web designers here at Cactimedia Dubai what their favorite and most useful web tools were and here is a list of everything they ranted and raved about. We thought we should be generous enough to share this valuable list with our audience as well, so here goes:

Photoshop CC
How can any web design tools list be complete without mentioning Photoshop? The Photoshop CC offers unprecedented speed, power, and flexibility and allows our dear designers to make compelling images that wow our customers. Now with real-time asset generation, Photoshop CC allows our designers to cater to even faster screens.

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Illustrator CC
Our designers love the Illustrator for its new Touch Type tool that gives amazing control by allowing them to scale, move around and rotate characters with ease.

Coda 2
Woah! This is a big one. With the Coda 2 our designers and developers are able to tap into a slew of groundbreaking features that come wrapped up in one hell of a user interface. It has amazing text editing, awesome file management, amazing design, seamless integration with SQL and a host of other mouthwatering features that our web designers in Dubai just love. We are sure you would too – give it a try.

OmniGraffle 6
OmniGraffle 6 is the ultimate all-rounder around here. The web design folks here believe that the OmniGraffle 6 can literally do everything ‘? from drafting out a new app idea to putting together awesome presentations. With OmniGraffle, you can draft, sketch, wireframe and brainstorm using a plethora of features.

Sublime Text
If you have not tried Sublime Text, then you definitely should. It has a sleek user interface and allows for high-end text editing for your code and marks up. It has some pretty handy features that web designers all over Dubai will surely love.

Want to share your code with friends, family, colleagues and the rest of the world then get on the Github bandwagon. With Github, you can work on projects with your team or with complete strangers. It’s the best web design tool out there for collaborative design and development work.

Looking for a configurable text editor? Look no further because Vim is here. It’s a handy tool to have for efficient text editing.

One problem that our web designers always face is that they always seem to be running out of disk space. Well, not anymore. Enter, ImageOptim ‘? a handy tool that compresses images by removing unwanted color profiles. Just drag and drop your JPEG, PNG or GIF files into the ImageOptim window and voila, it will optimize your image and reduce its size.

Do your wireframes, prototypes, and sketching etc. with Axure. Axure goes beyond just being a wireframing tool, it’s a lot more. With Axure, you can create interactions without needing to be a master coder. Over 80,000 design professionals use Axure to sell their design ideas by showing complex interactions.

Hype 2
Bring your content to life with Hype 2. With Hype 2 you can create compelling animations using its drag and drop function combined with its keystroke recording capability. You don’t even need to be a coder to use Hype 2 ‘? all you need to know is how to drag and drop. It’s that simple.

Icon Slate
With Icon Slate, composing, importing and exporting icons in any format is a breeze. Say bye-bye to icon formatting issues.

Pen & Paper
Regardless of how sophisticated the tools get, there will always be room for good ole pen and paper. If you don’t have a trusted scribble pad and pen then you are seriously missing out on the best web design tool ever invented. Plus, it’s cheap and insanely easy to use.

So there you have it, the ultimate list of tools for web designers in Dubai and the world over. Feel free to hop over to our portfolio section here or read more about Cactimedia’s web design services here. Happy Designing!

Edited By: Haniyeh Rasti Lari