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Our latest thoughts on design and its relationship with SEO & CRO

Jun 05, 2014

Talking Web Design When it comes to web design, we at Cactimedia always have fresh ideas. So we thought we would put some of those thoughts out there for everyone to benefit from. So here goes:

Web design and SEO
Our general philosophy here at Cactimedia is that web design must complement SEO. Think of it this way: You can sweat and toil over getting a fantastic looking website but if it doesn’t rank high enough on Google and other search engines then it’s not going to hold a lot of business value. And the flip side of this is just as true too: there is no point in getting tons of traffic to your site if it doesn’t convert very well.

A lot of our clients think that if they can increase the traffic to their site, they can increase the conversions. Well, that’s not entirely true. In order to increase the conversions, you need to increase the CR (conversion rate) ‘? and that includes awesome design, compelling copy, and an intuitive user interface.

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We ask all our clients ‘what do they want the website to do for them?’ and generally the answer is not defined enough ‘? meaning they haven’t pondered that question enough from a business perspective. Another question we are in the habit of asking our clients is ‘what do you want your website to achieve in one year?’ These questions help the customer decide what the core purpose of their website is. Everything else tends to flow from these questions ‘? design, content, UX, SEO.

If you already have a website, it helps to have a friend or family member look at the homepage for a few seconds and see if they can figure out what your business is. If they can’t figure it out then you know you have work to do.

The biggest thing to happen to Web Design: Mobile
We have seen so many businesses ignore mobile that it’s now becoming shocking. Mobile has managed to weave into our lives in a way that’s now totally not ignorable. In fact, many of our clients drive more traffic via mobile than they do via desktop/laptop. Having a mobile-optimized website is just as important (if not more important) than having a desktop/laptop optimized site.

What’s Cacti’s style?
To educate client the best we can. Even if they are not looking for SEO for instance, we try to tell them what SEO is and how it can help their business. In the design department, we try to educate them on user interface design, usability, and conversion psychology etc. We have learned that having an educated client who understands design and CRO is a lot more beneficial (to us and to the client) in the long run.

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Edited By: Michael Ilyas