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Some Basic Tools for Web Designers

Dec 22, 2014

Revealed! What Top Web Design Professionals around the World use our team of developers and web designers in our Dubai office use a host of tools to get the job done for our clients. But we were curious as to what other designers and developers use on a day-to-day basis ‘? so we ran a quick survey and decided to put the findings out there for all web design Dubai professionals to see and benefit from. So here goes:

  • Most professionals around the world use Google Docs to fulfill their spreadsheet related requirements. Around 52% use Google docs followed by 10% who use Microsoft Word.
  • When it comes to storage, Dropbox beats all the other options hands down. 76% of web design and web development use Dropbox.
  • It was a closer contest when it comes to wire-framing tools, the competition was a bit more fierce. 37% use Omnigraffle, 24% use Balsamiq, 22% use Axure.
  • Adobe Photoshop was far ahead of everyone else in the visual design tools department with a 46%, Adobe Illustrator was preferred by 20%.
  • Evernote had a huge share of the market with 75% usage by most design and development professionals.
  • In the Text Editing department, Text Mate was the winner with 33% usage followed closely by Text Edit with 23% of the market share.
  • Final Cut Pro had a huge share of 50% with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects bagging 21% and 14% of the share in the video editing department.
  • And last but not Least: Email. 52% said they used Gmail, 13% used Microsoft Outlook and about 12% used Apple Mail.

There were a number of valuable insights from this survey and we would be sharing those with you in future posts. Stay Tuned!

Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre