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Lessons on Homepage Web Design from Fortune 500 Companies

Dec 21, 2014

Distilled insights from our analysis on Fortune 500 Company homepages In this blog post we want to move away from what the medium-sized and small business do in terms of their web design and talk about how the fortune 500 companies think of web design and more specifically how they structure and design their homepages. We did a bit of research on that here at Cactimedia web design and came up with the following deductions:

More standard websites with not too much innovation

Not surprisingly, most fortune 500 companies are not big on creativity when it comes to designing their homepages. The conservative designs include the standard logo on the top left, a top menu and generally, there is a search box on the top right somewhere. Though silicon valley-style entrepreneurs would find the highly conservative design very boring, there is actually wisdom behind it ‘? the standard designs don’t force the user to think too much and therefore the users intuitively know where to find the information they might be looking for.

Here are some more facts from our study of the Fortune 500 companies


  • The standard width of most of the websites we studied is 877 pixels.
  • Almost 93% of the websites had their logo on the top left.
  • Surprisingly taglines were not very common. Only around 30% of the websites had a tagline to go along with the logo.
  • Almost 90% of the websites had a search box.
  • Almost half of the websites we analyzed had a very clear call-to-action that was visible within a few seconds of visiting the website.
  • More than half of the websites surveyed had a blogs section that featured latest company and industry news and stories.
  • About 80% of the websites surveyed did not have a newsletter sign up form. This is something that those websites can definitely improve on.
  • Most of the websites (more than 80%) had their social media icons below the fold on their homepage. The rest had the social icons above the fold.

There were tons and tons of other insights that we uncovered through that survey and we will be sharing that with everyone in our future posts.
Edited By: Michael Ilyas