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Key questions to ask yourself when doing 'List Building'

Oct 10, 2014

Your web design and its aesthetic appeal is not the only element of a winning online marketing campaign, here are some other elements that are absolutely vital too! Regardless of which industry you operate in, it’s important to use whatever specialized knowledge you have to build a list of email addresses to which you can upsell down the road. The best way to do that is to give something away for free in exchange for their email address. If you wrote an ebook, then great, Give it out for FREE. Other means of list building could be:

  • Conduct a webinar and ask for people to sign up by entering in their email ids
  • An industry report that draws interesting and actionable insights and conclusions.
  • A whitepaper.

It’s also worth trying testing your landing pages with a very unique service provided by

Optimize your landing page

Optimize your landing page

What is the best way to get people to hand over their email addresses in exchange for something like your ebook? Well, make the landing page as clear, uncluttered, minimalistic and straightforward as possible. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when optimizing your landing pages:

Before we get into the questions, keep in mind that your web design is also a very important element of the landing page.

  • Q1: Is your traffic going to a specific page that is made for just that campaign/channel? Your traffic should not be going to the home page.
  • Q2: Does each traffic source have its own landing page?
  • Q3: Did you A/B test or split test your landing page with carefully thought out changes in different areas of the page?
  • Q4: Does the headline of your landing page perfectly match your ad from where the traffic is coming?
  • Q5: Are you using video on your landing pages? Videos tend to increase conversions by a whopping 80%
  • Q6: Are you using big bold arrows and other directional cues to let the visitors know what he/she is supposed to do on the page?
  • Q7: Is your Call to Action (CTA) above the fold? The visitor should not be made to scroll in order to get to the CTA.
  • Q8: Are you using the best practices in terms of its web design to tell the visitor what he is to do on your landing page? Use contrast coloring, wide spacing and clear fonts in and around the CTA.
  • Q9: Are you making it ABSOLUTELY clear as to what the visitor will get in exchange for his email address?
  • Q10: Is there any unnecessary content on your page? Be honest.
  • Q11: Are you using bullets to simplify your message? You should be.
  • Q12: Are you showing any sort of trust signals ‘? for instance testimonials and social media stats on your landing page. You should.
  • Q13: Does your landing page talk just about one topic only. Is it very very laser focused?
  • Q14: Is the CTA the clearest and the most obvious part of your landing page?
  • Q15: Is your landing page stripped clean of any other types of navigation? If yes, remove it all!


Here are some of my favorite landing pages that follow all or most of what I have mentioned above. You can also get in touch with us at Cactimedia for some great web design solutions in Dubai.

Web Design Sample Landing Page 1

Web Design Sample Landing Page 2

Web Design Sample Landing Page 3

Web Design Sample Landing Page 4

Web Design Sample Landing Page 5

Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre