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How to Re-design your Website Cactimedia Style

Aug 19, 2014

The first in a series of posts about how you can re-design your website like an absolute pro We always get asked by friends and family members who own small websites about how they can redesign their own website with little design experience in Dubai. So here are a series of blog posts that are targeted to do just that. Having said that, let us clarify that these posts can also be used by agencies, web design professionals and online marketing folks as well.

The web re-design process should be phased out in the following manner:


  • 1. Come up with a sound strategy
  • 2. Plan, plan, and plan
  • 3. Getting down to doing the design
  • 4. Optimize the design
  • 5. Get it on the road – the launch
  • 6. Analyze your results

Stages one and two are more to do with planning and getting your strategy intact – these phases should never be underestimated. Put the time in and get it done right – you will be glad you did so.

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Come up with a sound website redesign strategy

But before you can come up with a strategy for your web re-design, you would want to see how your website is doing on a number of matrices. If you do not have the tools set up to pull this kind of data then we strongly recommend integrating your website with a tool such as Google Analytics or any other tracking and reporting application.

So here is what you need to be looking at first:

  • How many unique visitors does your website get?
  • What is your bounce rate (percentage of visitors that spend less than 10 seconds on your website)?
  • What is your average visitor time on site?
  • Which keywords are your best keywords in terms of pulling traffic to your website?
  • If you have a lead capture form set up on your website, then how many form submissions do you get on average?
  • What is your current conversion rate?
  • How many of your pages have been indexed by Google?
  • How many pages actually get traffic to your website?


Determine what you are trying to achieve with the new website design

Step number two is to determine what you are trying to achieve with the new website design. This is a very important step and everything you do in your new design should comply with your ultimate objective.

Step number three is to define your brand. If you have not already done that then this is the time to do it. Force yourself to answer these questions:

  • What is your business’ unique value proposition?
  • If you are changing your existing branding then be absolutely sure you know what exactly is changing and why?

Step number four: Create a customer avatar. Create a visual image of your average customer and his characteristics (age, income level, gender, industry, mindset, needs/wants).

And step number five is to know your competition like the back of your hand. Ask yourself:


  • Which customer websites do you like and why?
  • What don’t you like about their website design
  • Why are they doing/not doing so well?
  • How can you better them?

In the next post we will go over the planning phase, so keep checking this space.

Edited By: Michael Ilyas