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How to choose the right web design company in Dubai

Jul 27, 2014

Questions to ask your web designer As a web design company we meet with lots of clients and prospective clients who are looking for top-drawer websites, however, we have also noticed that most of our clients don’t ask the questions that really matter to their business and their business offering. This blog post is intended to help you ask the right questions so that you can separate the average web design companies from the really great ones.

So here goes.

Website usability

Ask the web design company what they think about usability and how they ensure a top-notch experience for the site’s visitors. A damp answer to this question is a pretty good indicator that the company might be focused on designing a website that you like, but not necessarily one that your visitors will find easy to use. The best web design companies will talk about the latest research in usability design and how they brainstorm ideas in service of ease-of-use, simplicity, and awesome user experience.

The website design and development process

Ask what the website design and development process would be. Be specific and ask about how they brainstorm ideas, come up with design and website usability concepts, workflows and mockups etc. This should give you a good insight into their production protocol and how well thought-out their processes are.

Providing feedback

Ask how you will be providing feedback to the web design company at various stages of the production process. Your input is of course very vital to the whole project. Web design companies that have workable systems in place to keep you (the client) in the loop and garner valuable feedback throughout the production process, do relatively a lot better than companies that have a half cooked system. This not only increases client satisfaction but also saves time.

Post-project changes to the website

Ask what if you want to make changes to the website later. A good web design company will normally charge an hourly fee for any changes required after the project is signed off and approved. The other alternative is to set up a Content Management System (CMS) that would make it a breeze for you to add/change/remove different types of content on the website.


Ask about optimizing the website for search engines such as Google. A good web design company will always prefer to design a site that is search engine friendly. Such a company will also offer basic SEO services for an additional fee. Click here to learn more about Cactimedia’s SEO.

And there you have it – that’s almost everything you need to know when hiring a web design company in Dubai. Good Luck!

Edited By: Michael Ilyas