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Honing your Website's Value Proposition

Oct 21, 2014

Before you start thinking about your web design and SEO, its imperative to nail down your value proposition

So, what’s your website’s ‘?value proposition’ anyway?

We love web design and we love to talk about SEO and social media etc, but before you get into that, its vital to determine what your value proposition is found the clearest way to get your value proposition across to your website’s viewers along with sending a message that you’re here to give something that none of your competitors can give and that you’re here to stay. Your customers could always go and conduct their business elsewhere, so you need to be able to convince them that you have the best offer ‘? the offer they can’t refuse.

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This intent that you want to make clear is called your ‘value proposition’. Now, a good value proposition consists of three things:

  • How are you different?

    What can you offer that no one else can? What innovations have you added? What’s the difference between you and the next guy? It doesn’t have to be a huge difference; you can work with even the slightest of differences. With the right phrasing, you can turn any miniscule difference into a point of pride. The next step is to communicate that through your web design and copy.

  • How are you indispensable?

    What makes you a key player in making the ‘X-factor’ of your service or product work? What makes you so important that I’ll always have to come back to you? One online guru who I believe to be particularly good at taking the indispensable approach is Frank Kern. He’s a real professional at it – giving away a lot of free knowledge, you hear guys talk about the tree line, all of that content strategy ‘? that’s all about being indispensable. You put yourself in a position where you’re indispensable to your market, to your target audience. What can you bring to the table that is tremendously useful, so your target audience wants to continue to come back to you and get more. He’s always able to start off all his offers with that, and you can use these skills to gain the same success he has.

  • How are you able to make it sound exciting?

    What can you do to get people buzzing about your business? How do you inspire people to take action? How can you get people emotionally triggered to want to move forward and connect with you? You can even think about how to make the offer sexier! As David Ogilvy says: “No one has ever been bored into buying a product”. You need to get people to connect with you emotionally. And this is where awesome web design comes in ‘? especially if you are catering to a market such as the one we have here in Dubai and across the UAE.

The sole purpose of your website (and its design and copy etc) is to convey your value proposition as clearly and as interestingly as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a blog or a professionally-made website to do so. It doesn’t matter if you use words or videos. What matters is your ability to convey your value proposition in a perfectly understandable and relatable way.

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Important fact: when logging onto a website, the first thing you’ll see is the home page. This is why you want to make sure that your home page contains a headline that really highlights your business’s value proposition.

When people are looking something specific, they’re – in most cases – expecting to find a solution, and then achieve a certain outcome. When creating the rest of the pages of your website, you want to make sure that your content not only reflects the business’s value proposition but gives the promise of a value proposition that will deliver their desired outcome as well. This will translate to actual online sales.

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People are going to buy from you when they get the outcome. Everybody is buying products and buying services to get a very specific outcome. You want to deliver a portion of that outcome or an experience of that outcome early on with your content that you deliver.

Website Value proposition

Your Value proposition has to be unique and add value by solving a problem and make life easier for your customers?

Another thing you want to do with your website is translated your value proposition into your sales funnel. Once you wrap up your value proposition in terms of what’s innovative and useful and inspirational about it, you want to make sure that same message is reflected in your sales funnel, so that you can convert your website visitors to customers.

Work on getting your website’s design and content to work in harmony and deliver a few key messages. Once that is done, your whole marketing strategy ‘? Adwords, banner ads, SEO etc. – can come out of that.

Edited By: Michael Ilyas