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The Essential Elements of Awesome Web Design

Aug 10, 2014

The seven basic factors that make all the difference in the world of web design We have been asked this question numerous times and so we thought we should jot down the bare basics of what makes a truly great website. We at Cactimedia know this inside out and we strive to put it into practice when working on our client’s websites. But we have never listed it out so clearly and eloquently in this way before. This is not just another top ten list – this post is born out of our own experience in the world of web design here in Dubai. It’s brutally practical and web designers all over Dubai should be able to take this information and put it to work right away.

This is super important. What many web designers don’t know about typography is that a website’s typography is used to maintain a brand’s consistency across its various online websites, blogs, forums etc. Variation in typography is also a great tool in the hands of a capable web designer as he can use it to lead the reader from one section to another section of the website. One great example of this is the New Yorkers website. Take a look at it here:

Flat Design
This is totally “in” nowadays and has been very successful in the US and Europe for a while now. It’s beginning to gain traction in Dubai and throughout the UAE too now. Flat Design websites make good use of colors and keep design elements to the minimum. This allows the website to get straight to the point and highlight its content more prominently. Apple does this amazingly well and it’s one huge reason why its design and copy has been so successful.

Hover Effects
Do not underestimate the power of this little design trick. Hover effects give visual cues to the user about where his/her cursor is while he/she browses the website. Designers can use color, size and a few other effects to create a more engaging and UX-friendly website. One website that we like strictly for it’s of hover effects is this one:

Huge Images
This tactic is getting more and more acceptance here in Dubai. With huge product images, companies can highlight specific aspects of their products and write text “around” the images to support it. It’s no secret that most of us are visually oriented and images tend to grab our attention and stick in our memory banks for a lot longer. Once again, Apple does this beautifully and all you have to do visit any of their product pages to experience the magic of this neat web design trick in action.

Product Videos
Product and service videos work great too and a lot of top brands are using this to great advantage – especially in the B2B space where it’s been proven that companies with product/service videos have a greater chance of making a successful pitch and converting the user. Product videos help in amplifying specific elements of the product/service while also being hugely helpful in customer support and customer training. We love how General Electric uses product videos to show the value of specific products on their homepage.

Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre