Do What Google Wants and Create a Responsive Website

Why Going Responsive with your Web Design in Dubai is the way to go

May 27, 2015
In order to compete on the web nowadays it is important to take into consideration mobile devices when designing a website in Dubai. A responsive website not only offers a superior user experience across all devices but also contributes greatly towards the websites conversion rate.

For Web Design Dubai Companies in Dubai - Responsiveness is the Way to Go

A lot of businesses do not go for a responsive website because of purely financial reasons - obviously, "responsiveness" is not just something that can be added to the website, it requires the entire website to be re designed and re built from scratch.

Responsive Web Design Dubai

The good news is that it's now easier than ever to setup a responsive website as the barriers to creating mobile sites are coming down. Previously, mobile websites were coded manually which was obviously a very time consuming and laborious process. Today there are a slew of alternatives available as existing frameworks include response layouts as well. This way web designers and developers in Dubai can get a website up with a fraction of the effort it took in the past.

One Great Tool to Make Responsive Web Design in Dubai A Breeze

One great tool that we at Cactimedia use is which allows developers more control over the full spectrum of the design and development project. With Webydo the web designer can design the interface and Webydo writes the code according to the design. Google's love for responsive websites can be gauged by the relatively new "Mobile Friendly" tag in search results - which basically means that the user can see whether a website is designed to be mobile friendly or not from the Google search result itself. This shows that Google is giving increasing importance to mobile friendly websites and the day is probably not far when Google will factor that into their search algorithm as well.

Website search patterns across various industries and geographies suggest that there are an increasing number of searches coming from mobile devices and it makes perfect sense to not only reward mobile friendly sites but to penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile.