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Design Your Website without Learning how to Code

Sep 29, 2014

Dear non-technical business owner, here we have jotted down almost everything you need to know in order to design and develop a website on your own In web design speak, WYSIWYG stands for ‘What you see is what you get’ and as the name suggests, it is used for certain applications and software that just require the user to drag and drop design elements in order to create a program or a website. WYSIWYG applications are absolutely great because they do not require the user to learn how to code ‘? which we all know can be quite challenging.

Having said that, websites that are designed and developed using WYSIWYG applications have their limitations, but nonetheless, they are still a great option for bootstrapping startups, freelancers and anyone else who doesn’t need a very high-end website.

WYSIWYG editors are entirely visual based ‘? which is great for non-technical people.

The most popular WYSIWYG application is Dreamweaver which allows the user to work via a number of views such as the code view, the design view or split view. Does it go without being said that there are some WYSIWYG web design applications are more intuitive than the others ‘? some are very easy to wrap your head around whereas others require a bit more getting used to. The learning curve, however, when compared to learning how to code is a lot shorter.

At times websites designed using WYSIWYG editors could appear a bit differently in different browsers and though it is not a big issue, it is something worth keeping in mind when designing your website.

Here are the Best WYSIWYG editors according to the Cactimedia web design services team in Dubai.

1) Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is both powerful and flexible and is one of the most commonly used WYSIWYG editors amongst professionals and novices.

2) Microsoft Expression Studio Web Pro

The Expression Studio Web Pro from Microsoft offers editing graphics along with the ability to support programming languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML etc. then this is a something you definitely must have. The learning curve is a bit steep but it’s well worth it.

3) NetObjects Fusion

Here is another very powerful HTML editor that includes web design, web development, and FTP functionality.

4) CoffeeCup HTML Editor

If you are looking for something that’s very effective and easy to use but comes with a low price point then this is definitely for you. CoffeeCup comes with tons of templates and pre-made graphics.

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Edited By: Avdhoot Shitre