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A Word on Wordpress

Oct 06, 2014

A few simple reasons why WordPress is still the best content publishing and web design platform for novices in Dubai. The term web design is pretty vast and it includes everything from designing a single webpage with the most basic of features to create a complex website with cutting-edge web designs, interactive content, CMS, plugins and network security. With the increased need for better and more efficient web design, a lot of tools have been introduced over the years.

WordPress is by far the most loved and used web publishing platform around today. A lot of designers and developers choose to use WordPress here in Dubai for the simple reason that it’s fast, efficient and highly flexible.

About WordPress:

WordPress is an open source content publishing tool based on PHP and SQL, licensed under GL. WordPress is equipped with a lot of features that are freely distributed, standard compliant, fast and light with user-friendly default settings and a customizable core. Although WordPress comes with a plethora of inbuilt features, the real power of WordPress comes from its ability to be extended with various plugins and add-ons.

Why choose WordPress?


Not-so-steep a learning curve for beginners:

WordPress is an easy to use platform with enhanced functionalities. In order to work with WordPress, you don’t need to be an expert developer or designer. It has an easy to learn interface that’s not too different from your average word processor.

Control the content:

WordPress allows you to have easy and full control of your published content. It provides you with a number of controls that make it a breeze to use on a daily basis:

Adding pictures and videos:

Along with adding written content, you can also add pictures and videos that make sharing content, even more, engaging for the readers. WordPress comes with a drag-and-drop style user interface that makes uploading pictures and videos a snap.

Privatize your content:

WordPress allows you to have customized privacy for each post you publish on it. Good going WordPress!

Revising and Previewing:

With WordPress, you can preview your content before publishing it to see if there is anything that you might have left out. Even if you have published your post, you always have the option of editing it.

Create a user-friendly draft with automatic saving functionality:

WordPress is flexible enough in its functionality to allow its users to decide how they want their post to be read. You can split the post into multiple pages or you can have a long but single draft. One of the additional features is the automatic save feature that saves your work periodically.

Apart from these, there are several other functionalities that are available, including adding comments, spam protection, user registration, adding HTML tags and much more. The above-mentioned features are the most basic and are meant to give you an idea of how versatile WordPress is for web design beginners in Dubai. All in all, it is one of the best tools for web development and content publishing not only in Dubai but all across the globe.

Edited By: Michael Ilyas